Commercial Kitchen Efficiency Enhancement

Industry: Hospitality

Location: Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia.

Circumstances: The temperature in the kitchen was escalating, causing low work productivity. The client originally suspected that the kitchen’s size was too small to accommodate all the workers.

  • IRS team made a thorough assessment of the situation to identify source of the problems. It was not the size of the kitchen, as the client suspected, but the problems originated from worn stove burners and dirty kitchen ducts.
  • IRS identified many grease and fat deposits, which posed a fire hazard in kitchen hoods and ducts.
  • IRS team systematically undertook measures to enhance the efficiency of the kitchen including:
    • Replacing the stove burners and electric lighters.
    • Installing gas piping in the stoves and replacing gas hose fittings and accessories.
    • Modifying the kitchen exhaust ducting.
    • Cleaning the blowers, installing a rockwool¬†in front of and at the back of the blower in order to reduce the noise.
    • Fabricating and installing new kitchen hood and ducting.
  • After refurbishment and upgrade the kitchen‚Äôs temperature was much cooler.
  • Productivity of the kitchen staff increased dramatically by 35%.
  • After refurbishment the kitchen was maintained at a cleaner and more sanitary standard with staff taking pride of ownership maintaining kitchen in new condition.
  • A major potential fire hazard was eliminated.
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