From The Managing Director

From The Managing Director

“I started IRS to provide common sense solutions for the insurance market and their clients following the trauma of a disaster.”

For the past 12 years, we have continued to grow from small beginnings in Sydney, Australia, to include a reach covering the entire Asia Pacific. I am proud of our team and how they responded to the 2011 Thailand floods.

Their dedication and resilience enabled us to be there on the ground, supporting our clients with practical assistance throughout the initial event and the chaotic aftermath. It has helped provide us with a larger platform to grow and deliver a wider range of services to our clients across the Asia Pacific Region. We have recently incorporated a wide range of preventative maintenance services.

Our aim is to provide technical support to ensure that equipment operates reliably and economically, as part of best practice maintenance plan, following recovery from a disaster. Moving forward, I am eager to keep building on our successes, serving a wider group of clients. As we grow it is important we stay true to our origins, always adding value and providing common sense solutions for our clients.

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