Flooded Stock Warehouse

Industry: 10,000sqm warehouse on a 1m high concrete slab housing a mix of stock and sealed food additives on pallet racking

Location: Navanakorn, North of Bangkok

Circumstances: 2011 flooding in Thailand, the warehouse was inundated with 0.5m of water placing stock at risk

  • Response team mobilized to site by boat as surroundings still flooded.
  • Entrances isolated and sealed with block walls and sandbags
  • Water in warehouse pumped out using generator powered sump pumps
  • Leaks in concrete slab identified and sealed
  • Once water removed stock inspected & categorized
  • Through quick action in excess of US$7m of stock was secured.
  • By securing stock 6 weeks of supply chain disruption eliminated, as client would have had to re-import additives and materials.
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