Fire Affected Vinyl Manufacturing Plant

Industry: Facility produced sheet vinyl for export to the automotive industry

Location: Rayong, Thailand

Circumstances: Fire in a Banbury plant caused local thermal damage and deposited corrosive soot throughout a large portion of the factory affecting many electrical and electronic control systems.

  • IRS mobilized a team of engineers and technicians plus local labour to disassemble the affected machinery and associated control systems.
  • The main control console consisting of PLC’s, temperature controllers, variable frequency drives, etc. was completely disassembled, decontaminated, thermally damaged components replaced. PLC’s and other control systems were decontaminated and repaired as necessary.
  • All motors were completely over-hauled and tested.
  • Equipment in the high voltage switch-room was disassembled, decontaminated, re-assembled and tested. This consisted of high voltage switchgear, bus bar systems, power factor correction capacitor banks, etc.
  • Individual machine control systems were treated in the same fashion as the main control console.
  • Nearly one year of business interruption was saved by recovering the equipment rather than replacing.
  • In excess of USD 3 million saved by recovering the equipment rather than replacing it.
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