Fire Affected Tool Facility

Industry: Tool Making Facility with Foundry and Associated Equipment Related to the Manufacture of Tools.

Location: Shandong, China

Circumstances: Plastic sheeting lining the roof of the building caught alight leading to spot fires and contamination being deposited throughout entire factory.

  • A meeting was held with insurers, IRS and the insured and equipment recovery prioritized.
  • IRS mobilized an international team of engineers and technicians, as well as utilizing staff from the insured
  • Heavy equipment such as forges operating up to 1000 tons were disassembled. These were then decontaminated, parts changed as necessary, and re-assembled with assistance from the local work-force.
  • Many production lines contained CNC equipment such as gear hobbing machines, mills, lathes, machining centers and EDM’s (Electrical Discharge Machines). These were disassembled, decontaminated, re-assembled and tested in conjunction with the factory’s technical staff
  • Electric motors were disassembled, decontaminated, bearings replaced, re-assembled and tested for functionality and safety.
  • Training and supervision provided for local staff to clean various parts of the facility such as water treatment tanks and associated valves, pipe-work and controls plus many large storage tanks.
  • Annealing lines were checked and tested for refractory damage, thermocouples tested, heating elements tested and wiring inspected. The entire line was then decontaminated, wiring replaced and re-assembled.
  • Electrical distribution cabinets and cubicles were disassembled, processed as above and tested.
  • In excess of US$10 million was saved by recovering rather than replacing the equipment.
  • At least 12 months business interruption avoided by recovering rather than replacing machinery.
  • By prioritizing of the recovery of machinery limited production was able commence within one month from the date of the incident with production progressively increased as more machinery was completed.
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