Equipment Recovery


Following typhoon Ondoy the Sekong river rose several meters causing severe flooding to the first 3 floors of a 150 megawatt hydro-electric power station.


Following extensive flooding from a nearby river the site was inundated with in excess of 2m of water.


Arc welding adjacent EPU insulation caused a major fire resulting in extensive damage to approximately 20% of the multi-storey building.


Plastic sheeting lining the roof of the building caught alight leading to spot fires and contamination being deposited throughout entire factory.


Fire in a Banbury plant caused local thermal damage and deposited corrosive soot affecting many electrical and electronic control systems.


A diamond processing facility was inundated with flood water and silt to a depth of approximately 2 meters.


250,000sqm textile plant including sub stations, water treatment, multiple processes, worker accommodation was inundated with 2m of water during 2011 flooding in Thailand.

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