Catastrophe Support Team

Industry: Multinational Insurer

Location: Thailand



Following wide spread flooding in Thailand in 2011, a major international insurer faced major exposure with large numbers of their clients experiencing the devastating effects of the floods on their property and businesses.

  • Technical and operational team dedicated to the insurer and their clients to provide technical and practical support to lessen the impact of the devastation.
  • Preliminary meetings with clients undertaken offsite while flood waters present to help provide preliminary advice, understand their machinery and processes.
  • Clients Offsite recovery plans reviewed, with advice and input provided on everything ranging on methods of cleaning, to recommendations on materials and equipment.
  • Loss mitigation teams mobilized to assist with onsite cleaning of molds and dies for clients who wanted to remove and reuse molds while flood waters were still present.
  • Once water subsided recovery teams mobilized to remove debris, clean and sanitize buildings.
  • Decontamination and repair of machinery undertaken for clients that wanted practical assistance.
  • Added value provided to insurers clients enhancing the value of the brand as one that goes beyond just paying the claim.
  • Advice and support during the darkest days of the flood helped clients psychologically by having practical advice and focus from professionals that had been through similar situations hundreds of times before in the face of what appeared to be overwhelming devastation.
  • Recovery timelines of clients were able to be dramatically slashed by having clear plans and practical support.
  • Insurers were able to save millions of dollars while supporting their clients.
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