Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice cleaning is a dry pressure cleaning process, utilizing solid carbon dioxide as the blast media. This latest technology delivers better quality cleaning, with less downtime, without producing secondary waste, unlike many other pressure cleaning methods.


A Perfect Solution for Reducing Downtime

Dry Ice Cleaning is the most time efficient cleaning method. Equipment can be reactivated immediately following the cleaning process.  The reduction of downtime means an increase in production and profit.



Ideal for Critical Applications

Dry Ice Cleaning is the smart choice for cleaning mission critical machinery. It provides the quickest and most effective cleaning process, and enables the machines to be up and running immediately.



Extensive Industry Experience

IRS is the leading Dry Ice Cleaning provider in Australia and Asia. Our team has more than a decade of experience cleaning critical equipment, during time sensitive shutdowns, including power generation, mining, printing, paper & packaging and food manufacturing industries.


Suitable for most types of contamination

Our Dry Ice Cleaning team has experience with almost any imaginable type of contamination including hydrogen sulfide residue, carbon, resins, corrosion, food residues, iron ore dust and oil residues.