Due to the unique properties of dry ice it does not contain any moisture, the contaminants that are removed remain dry, leaving a light dust that can be easily vacuumed or even captured in filters while the job is in progress.

There is little additional cleanup after the cleaning is completed. This significantly reduces waste disposal costs and in some cases completely eliminates them.

As the process is dry it eliminates the need to erect ovens and drying equipment for days to dry windings.

The process also reduces health & safety issues associated with the use of harmful chemicals and also the reduced the risk of injuries trying to clean difficult places.

The need for major disassembly and reassembly of equipment is significantly reduced and often completely eliminated. This cuts equipment downtime dramatically.

With a wide variety of shapes of nozzles, it is possible to access and thoroughly clean hard to reach places where human hands cannot or should not go.

As dry ice is a dry process electrical equipment can be tested and re-energized as soon as the cleaning is completed. IRS has never had a reported failure from any projects over the last 14 years.